We Need Staff!
about 1 month ago

As Cloudcraft grows, we need a moderation team to moderate the server to prevent players from breaking the rules. 

You can apply for helper here. Helper is the only position you can apply for and as time passes you will be promoted to Moderator.

Survival Open Beta (Season 0)
about 1 month ago

Hey everyone :D!!

As some of you know, Survival is now in open beta!

I'm very excited for Survival as it will be pretty much carrying the server until we have more features on Minigames, Currently, Minigames aren't playable right now, and the server has been put into maintenance and no player will be able to join it right now.

But, Survival is open! With a minimal economy already set up (the market is open), survival is completely playable but is most likely littered with bugs.

Within the next few days, Survival should have a PVP arena as well as a bank for trading diamonds and other minerals into currency.

Please report bugs through our website here:


New Website
about 1 month ago


This is the new website for Cloudcraft! This site looks a lot cleaner than Enjin, and also It has a lot more cool features. This site will be in development for the next few days, and it will have all the same features as the old server, but with more!

I'm very excited about this and I hope you all are too. Thank you all for everything! 

More news will be coming soon about the future of the server and some more update information :)

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