The Cloudcraft Forecast: Edition One
3 days ago






Update SURVIVAL SEASON 2! (2.0.0)
13 days ago

Season two is here!


We worked super hard all the time to get this update out in time for you and we hope you all like it. We love you all so much and respect you all for coming back and playing. There will be bugs as we are trying out a bunch of new experimental things. Please report these bugs in #support if they're a smaller bug and use our bug report feature on our website if they're bigger bugs.


Now Let's get into the features!


-Brand new hosting provider, Clovux, offering more RAM for a cheaper price and better processors for the server to reduce lag.

-Raised Player cap to 45.

-Automatic Nether / End Resets

Update Survival Update 1.3.0
about 1 month ago

It's that time again! Another update for the Cloudcraft SMP! This will be the last update for Survival until the Season 2 reset which should be coming in a month or two (a poll will be set up soon for which date is the best for you, just join our Discord Server)

What's in store for this new update? Although this update is going to be one of the smaller ones, it packs a punch!
-Coinflip. Type /cf <amount><heads> to wager against other players in a 50/50 chance to win it all!
-Heads now drop from mobs upon death, collect your favorite heads!
-Zombies and Skeletons (and their variants) now have more powerful armor including the chance to spawn with Netherite! (this feature won't be implemented yet as it i...</heads></amount>

Update Survival Update 1.2.0
3 months ago

Survival 1.2.0 is here! We hope you're excited about this update, as we tried to include some of your most requested features! Here is the full list of features! 

Update Survival Update 1.1.0
4 months ago

Hey! We're working hard on an update for Cloudcraft that we hope you like! We hope this update unites the player base more as well as make exploring more fun!

An update wouldn't be fun without some secret stuff, so there will be some other stuff coming as well as the stuff below that we will leave to you when it comes out :)


New Stuff
-Structures: You can now explore around and find structures around the survival world! New "discovered" structures will be announced on the Discord with a certain coordinate range. These structures can range from rundown shacks to crazy towers and dungeons!
-Roaming Quests: Roaming quests will be announced in the ...

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