Update Survival Update 1.1.0
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31 Aug 2020
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24 Feb 2021

Hey! We're working hard on an update for Cloudcraft that we hope you like! We hope this update unites the player base more as well as make exploring more fun!

An update wouldn't be fun without some secret stuff, so there will be some other stuff coming as well as the stuff below that we will leave to you when it comes out :)


New Stuff
-Structures: You can now explore around and find structures around the survival world! New "discovered" structures will be announced on the Discord with a certain coordinate range. These structures can range from rundown shacks to crazy towers and dungeons!
-Roaming Quests: Roaming quests will be announced in the Discord with a certain time or coordinate range. Timed quests will mean that the Quest is Co-Op or it involves some kind of boss battle (:))
-Removal of Dungeons: While we are removing dungeons as a main "gamemode", we aren't removing it completely from Survival. Like above in the Structures, you can find Dungeons there with special spawners. 
-Envoys: Like Roaming Quests and Structures, Envoys will be announced in the Discord as well as in-game with a precise coordinate location. Envoys include valuables such as Diamonds, Iron, etc. as well as money vouchers, Spawners, and more!

Again, we want to keep some stuff secret for you to discover when the update does end up coming out.

These updates will be rolled out over a few months and not all at once!! The dates for the release of each of the updates won't be disclosed either... 

We hope you're excited!

ctrs · 4 months ago