Update Survival Update 1.3.0
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31 Aug 2020
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22 Apr 2021

It's that time again! Another update for the Cloudcraft SMP! This will be the last update for Survival until the Season 2 reset which should be coming in a month or two (a poll will be set up soon for which date is the best for you, just join our Discord Server)

What's in store for this new update? Although this update is going to be one of the smaller ones, it packs a punch!
-Coinflip. Type /cf <amount><heads> to wager against other players in a 50/50 chance to win it all!
-Heads now drop from mobs upon death, collect your favorite heads!
-Zombies and Skeletons (and their variants) now have more powerful armor including the chance to spawn with Netherite! (this feature won't be implemented yet as it is still a work in progress and most likely will be done by tomorrow)</heads></amount>

- A combat timer has been created to prevent players from leaving combat spontaneously.

-An abundance of new shop features:
a. Ice, Glass, Basalt, Blackstone, Nether Bricks, Warped Stems, and Crimson Stems have been added to the shop.

b. Fixed a dye bug where dyes was overvalued.

c. Crop prices have been raised to promote farming.

-Players not trusted in claims can't open doors/trapdoors anymore.

-Nether portals can now be in any custom shape you want!

-Fixed a bug where Wild-Tp would show two messages instead of one for each countdown.
-The arena has been slightly revamped with a new pond because dying in flames is annoying.

-Fixed a few messages with grammatical / spelling issues in the Friends System.

-Events as a whole will be taken more seriously yielding scheduled weekly events and more entertaining roaming quest events for you!

-New quests for non-donating players which can give them donator features for a short or extended amount of time depending on the difficulty of the quest (also scheduled like above)

-New lag-reducing system that will hopefully fix some lag issues, although a lot of the lag on the server is caused by the 1.16 client and how it doesn't respond to a lot of players very well compared to versions like 1.12 and below.


There will be bugs! Please report these bugs in #support in our Discord! The lag reducing system may cause loss of items or pets, but we believe that that is highly unlikely.


I hope you're all excited as I am!

ctrs · 9 months ago