Update SURVIVAL SEASON 2! (2.0.0)
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31 Aug 2020
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22 Apr 2021

Season two is here!


We worked super hard all the time to get this update out in time for you and we hope you all like it. We love you all so much and respect you all for coming back and playing. There will be bugs as we are trying out a bunch of new experimental things. Please report these bugs in #support if they're a smaller bug and use our bug report feature on our website if they're bigger bugs.


Now Let's get into the features!


-Brand new hosting provider, Clovux, offering more RAM for a cheaper price and better processors for the server to reduce lag.

-Raised Player cap to 45.

-Automatic Nether / End Resets

-New Kits for Donators

-Cloudcraft Premium can now rename items (using /ie rename)

-New Chat Filter and Anti-Spam system

-Minigames will soon be in open beta!

-Creeper Explosions are Enabled again to restore a more vanilla aspect.

-More mobs have been blacklisted in our mob stacking system.

-Revamp of Discord including new moderation tools as well as a few channel revamps (refer to #information)

-TPS is now shown in Tab!

-Revamped the Discord > Minecraft Bot and its features.

-Donators now have white chat instead of gray.

-New Join / Leave messages so "WB" isn't spammed.

-Optional Keep Inventory

-New Wild TP system.

-New Spawn with Arena included!

-Better PVP mechanics (no more pesky combat timers)

-Envoys will now happen in the Spawn Arena.

-Scheduled Events (meaning more of them!)

-New Structures and Boss Battles are in the works.

-Durability warning when your armor is about to break!


We hope you're excited about all this new stuff! We already have plans for the next update and will be working hard on making your experience playing better! Give us some suggestions on what we should add next!



We're giving Elite to the first person who joins when the server opens! The server will air at 3:00 PM PST! We will give more notifications leading up to the opening in our Discord, here.


Have fun!!!

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