Survival Open Beta (Season 0)
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31 Aug 2020
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22 Apr 2021

Hey everyone :D!!

As some of you know, Survival is now in open beta!

I'm very excited for Survival as it will be pretty much carrying the server until we have more features on Minigames, Currently, Minigames aren't playable right now, and the server has been put into maintenance and no player will be able to join it right now.

But, Survival is open! With a minimal economy already set up (the market is open), survival is completely playable but is most likely littered with bugs.

Within the next few days, Survival should have a PVP arena as well as a bank for trading diamonds and other minerals into currency.

Please report bugs through our website here:

or you can report in the #support-channel channel for a faster reply

To join the server, the IP is, (1.15.2) and from there you should be able to either jump into the portal to the left of spawn, or type /survival. From there you can right-click the Wilderness NPC to be teleported to a random spot in the Wilderness!

Please read the rules before playing as well as we don't want rule breakers in open beta.

Thank you all for everything so far and invite your friends to the Discord server as well so they can tune into updates as well as play with all of you. 


Here's to Season 0!

ctrs · 8 months ago