News Survival Season 1 Reset
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31 Aug 2020
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24 Feb 2021

We made it! The survival reset is here!

I hope you are all excited to play and experience Season 1! Here is a complete list of the changes and additions to Cloudcraft Survival, as well as a few other things.

Changes Made:
-Lobby commands have been introduced to Survival (commands like /discord, /rules, etc.)

-Crop Trampling is completely disabled.

-Chunk Claiming:

     a. Tutorial on Claiming coming soon (simply put it /chunk claim costs $100 and selling chunks gives  $10)
     b. Donators Elite+ can use /chunk auto
     c. Add players to your claim, change the name and/or ownership of the claim

-Chest Shops for Elite+

-Custom Death Messages

-World border now 10,000x10,000 (to clear up some confusion, it's 5,000 in each direction.)

-Locking chests are now Elite+ exclusive

-Remade all donator kits

-Weekly End and Nether Resets

-Added Dungeons

-Fully supporting exclusive 1.16.3 (now on that Netherite grind)

-oh and a whole new spawn for Cloudcraft in general :3

Now for that "other stuff". If you want to download the Survival Season 0 overworld, nether, and end, click here

Obviously, without players on to test the new features, there will be bugs. Please report all bugs through the bug report feature on our website, or through Discord. The better option would be submitting a bug report so we can easily get tabs on each report and bug in-depth rather than the possibility of it getting lost in Discord messages.

Thank you all! I'm so excited and I hope you all are too!


ctrs · 4 months ago