Whats the new ip.
may i be unbanned
unmute me
You can appeal for a punishment on this website!


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The Cloudcraft Forecast: Edition One








7 months ago

Season two is here!


We worked super hard all the time to get this update out in time for you and we hope you all like it. We love you all so much and respect you all for coming back and playing. There will be bugs as we are trying out a bunch of new experimental things. Please report these bugs in #support if they're a smaller bug and use our bug report feature on our website if they're bigger bugs.


Now Let's get into the features!


-Brand new hosting provider, Clovux, offering more RAM for a cheaper price and better processors for the server to reduce lag.

-Raised Player cap to 45.

-Automatic Nether / End Resets

-New Kits for Donators

-Cloudcraft Premium can now rename items (using /ie rename)

-New Chat Filter and Anti-Spam system

-Minigames will soon be in open beta!

-Creeper Explosions are Enabled again to restore a more vanilla aspect.

-More mobs have been blacklisted in our mob stacking system.

-Revamp of Discord including new moderation tools as well as a few channel revamps (refer to #information)

-TPS is now shown in Tab!

-Revamped the Discord > Minecraft Bot and its features.

-Donators now have white chat instead of gray.

-New Join / Leave messages so "WB" isn't spammed.

-Optional Keep Inventory

-New Wild TP system.

-New Spawn with Arena included!

-Better PVP mechanics (no more pesky combat timers)

-Envoys will now happen in the Spawn Arena.

-Scheduled Events (meaning more of them!)

-New Structures and Boss Battles are in the works.

-Durability warning when your armor is about to break!


We hope you're excited about all this new stuff! We already have plans for the next update and will be working hard on making your experience playing better! Give us some suggestions on what we should add next!



We're giving Elite to the first person who joins when the server opens! The server will air at 3:00 PM PST! We will give more notifications leading up to the opening in our Discord, here.


Have fun!!!

8 months ago
Discord Punishment Appeal

If you believe that your punishment was false, you can send an appeal to our moderation team. This is their decision to un-punish you if you believe you were falsely punished. Every punishment on Cloudcraft has valid proof recorded and stored, and we will review the footage upon an appeal being made. Your punishment type and severity will all come into play as we decide if you should be unbanned. 

In your appeal, please include the following:

-What rule you broke

-Evidence that you didn't break the rule

-Appropriate and correct grammar.

-When you were punished

-Be honest in your appeal (Dishonesty will most likely get your appeal denied)

You should expect a reply to your appeal within 5-10 business days. If you don't, please notify an Administrator or Senior Moderator on Discord.

Click here to appeal.

8 months ago
Chest Shop Tutorial

Chest Shops have proven to be one of the most practical ways to get money on the Cloudcraft SMP! The process of creating a chest shop can get a little tricky, so here's a tutorial to help you out!

How to create a chest shop

First of all, obviously, you have to have a chest, a sign, and some stock of what you're selling. You would put the stock of what you're selling into your chest of choice that will become a shop!

Once you have put the stock of what you're selling into your shop, place a sign of any kind onto your chest of choice with the stock inside.

Now, on the sign you will utilize all four lines, which I'll go over:

Line 1: Who the owner of the shop? Who is getting paid to buy or sell?

Line 2: How much per purchase of the item are you selling?

Line 3: How much are you buying for and how much are you selling for?

Line 4: What is the item you're selling or buying from players?

Here's an example of a valid shop sign:

1. ctrs (name of seller/buyer)

2. 10 (amount per purchase)

3. B1000:800S (B=how much players will pay to buy, S=how much players will get from selling)

4. Diamond (the item you're selling/buying)

The third line has been notoriously tricky for some people so I'll go in-depth for some different situations you might be in.

First of all, both are optional as long as you have one or the other. Using the example above, if I wasn't selling I could have the sign just say 'B1000' and that would mean players can only buy Diamonds for $1000, and won't be able to sell their Diamonds. On the other hand, I could have '500S' alone on the line and players would only be able to sell Diamonds for $500. The way you would put them both together or have them on their own goes as follows:

Buying or selling: "B:S"

Selling: "B"
Buying: "S"

Don't put a $ next to the price as the chest shop system won't understand it, just include the number of how much you're selling to the player or how much you're buying from the player. 


(chest shops are exclusive to donators Elite and above)

Hopefully, this helped you in creating your very first Chest Shop on the Cloudcraft SMP! Remember, if you have trouble or don't understand this forum, you can always join our Discord and contact someone if you need help! If you want some more examples, visit my Flower Shop in my town, Clareview Point!

8 months ago
Survival Update 1.3.0

It's that time again! Another update for the Cloudcraft SMP! This will be the last update for Survival until the Season 2 reset which should be coming in a month or two (a poll will be set up soon for which date is the best for you, just join our Discord Server)

What's in store for this new update? Although this update is going to be one of the smaller ones, it packs a punch!
-Coinflip. Type /cf to wager against other players in a 50/50 chance to win it all!
-Heads now drop from mobs upon death, collect your favorite heads!
-Zombies and Skeletons (and their variants) now have more powerful armor including the chance to spawn with Netherite! (this feature won't be implemented yet as it is still a work in progress and most likely will be done by tomorrow)

- A combat timer has been created to prevent players from leaving combat spontaneously.

-An abundance of new shop features:
a. Ice, Glass, Basalt, Blackstone, Nether Bricks, Warped Stems, and Crimson Stems have been added to the shop.

b. Fixed a dye bug where dyes was overvalued.

c. Crop prices have been raised to promote farming.

-Players not trusted in claims can't open doors/trapdoors anymore.

-Nether portals can now be in any custom shape you want!

-Fixed a bug where Wild-Tp would show two messages instead of one for each countdown.
-The arena has been slightly revamped with a new pond because dying in flames is annoying.

-Fixed a few messages with grammatical / spelling issues in the Friends System.

-Events as a whole will be taken more seriously yielding scheduled weekly events and more entertaining roaming quest events for you!

-New quests for non-donating players which can give them donator features for a short or extended amount of time depending on the difficulty of the quest (also scheduled like above)

-New lag-reducing system that will hopefully fix some lag issues, although a lot of the lag on the server is caused by the 1.16 client and how it doesn't respond to a lot of players very well compared to versions like 1.12 and below.


There will be bugs! Please report these bugs in #support in our Discord! The lag reducing system may cause loss of items or pets, but we believe that that is highly unlikely.


I hope you're all excited as I am!