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about 1 month ago
Survival Update 1.2.0

Survival 1.2.0 is here! We hope you're excited about this update, as we tried to include some of your most requested features! Here is the full list of features! 



-VeinMiner - Mine ores in just one block!

-The Market has been converted into a GUI, with a bunch of new stuff! (use /shop)

       Some new stuff includes clay balls, bricks, books, saddles, and more!
       The cost of spawners has been reduced, and DIamonds are now worth more!

-Dungeons have been removed in place of roaming dungeons which will spawn around the world and will be announced on the Discord.

-The Bank and Market warps have been removed which is being replaced by the GUI Shop.

-The auction house bug has been fixed where you can't see the toolbar at the bottom of the GUI.

-New friends system! Add your friends and create a party! (still a work in progress)

       Use /friend add (player) and you can also use /friend list
-Automatic / Industrial Farm rule has been removed, although automatic farms are still frowned upon. (if the farm causes any kind of lag it will be removed)

We hope you're excited to test out the new updates! But of course, there will be bugs, so please report them in the #support channel of the Cloudcraft | Community Discord. Also if you have any suggestions for the next update, leave them in the suggestions channel!

about 1 month ago
Apply for Alpha-Tester (Minigames)

Minigames have been the main project for CCDEV since the starting of the server, however, Minigames are really hard to get in the works and get out to the public, because of the relentless amount of bugs present in them currently. This is where you come in! If you want to test out the brand new minigames we have been working hard to get to you, this forum topic is for you! 

Before you apply to be an alpha tester, make sure you read over these requirements and guidelines as an Alpha-Tester.



-Have a Discord account and be part of the Cloudcraft | Community Discord server.

-11+ years of age

-Currently un-punished on Cloudcraft

-Ability to screen-record / take screenshots

(bonus points if you have a working microphone that you can talk with)



Alpha-testing can be a tricky task sometimes because it requires a meticulous and specific mindset in the sense that you need to test every little thing that a player can do. Alpha-testers are required to be able to report bugs in extreme detail so we can know how to fix them. If you find a bug, we have a few different ways of dealing with it. The first way is through Discord. On the Cloudcraft | Community Discord server, we have a category, specific to alpha-testers and developers. A report can be made through the #bug-reports channel where a Developer can check it out. The other way is through our website in the Bug Report forum topic, however, Discord is a better option.

If you're accepted to be an alpha tester, you will be messaged on Discord regarding more details for the process (mainly how to report bugs and what to look for). Don't hesitate to apply if you're interested in this! Even if it will be your first time doing something like this, it's a fun experience and we all at CCDEV encourage you to apply!

Click here to apply to be an Alpha Tester!

about 1 month ago
Apply for Helper

If you're interested in applying for a helper on Cloudcraft, this topic is for you! Before you go and apply, please read these important requirements and guidelines for your application and just being a Helper in general.

Please keep in mind that if you don't meet one of the requirements, your application will be denied. If you submit more than 2 helper applications before one is accepted/denied, all applications for the next month will be immediately denied without review.


  • Must have a Discord account and a working microphone.
  • Must have an appropriate DIscord and Minecraft username
  • Must be 13 years or older (verified by age) (the younger your age is will reduce the chances of being accepted)
  • Must be part of the server for more than days.
  • Must be able to play for 2+ hours on Cloudcraft daily.
  • Familiar with staff's commands and abilities
  • Involved with community in-game and on Discord (maintain a good reputation)

If you meet this short list of requirements for staff, please read over the guidelines for applying, and then you can go apply!

Application Guidelines:

  • Detail: About 75% of denied applications are due to a lack of detail. Include as much detail as possible, we want to see a wordy application!
  • Honesty: Be honest about your application, dishonesty will result in instant rejection of your application.

If your application is accepted, this means you move onto the next interview stage! This interview will be over a Discord voice call and will contain more questions about you and also scenario questions as a Helper. Please get yourself really familiar with the rules and punishment durations, as these will be very important in the interview.

The helper rank is the only available rank to apply for currently on Cloudcraft, and this position is to build trust in you as a staff member.

We are always in need of staff! Even if you don't have much experience (or none at all), we encourage you to apply because being a staff member on Cloudcraft can be a fun and interesting experience!

Click Here to apply for Helper!

about 1 month ago
Land Claiming Tutorial (Updated)

So with the new claiming plugin, there are some updated commands that we should discuss so that claiming is easy and fun.

First, some preliminary information. Claiming is now based around blocks and not chunks. As a starting player you receive 350 claim blocks, and every hour you get a certain amount of claim blocks to expand your claims, but AFK time doesn't earn you claim blocks. Each claim block costs $1 and sells for $0.50. In addition, the web store will soon allow claim blocks for purchase.

How do you start claiming?

1. Type /kit claim (you can get this kit every 2 minutes)

2. Define the area you want to claim by first right-clicking in one corner whilst holding the Golden Shovel, and then right-clicking again with the Golden Shovel in the other corner of said claim.

And that's it! Now I'll go over some other stuff to make trusting players easy and also some other cool features as well.

-/abandonclaim (/unclaim) - Deletes the claim you're currently standing in (you must own the claim or have permission trust from the owner)

-/trust <player> - Gives a player permission to edit (build) in your claim.</player>

-/untrust <player> - Revokes any and all permissions of the specified player in your claim. (/untrust all revokes access to all players in your claim)</player>

-/accesstrust <player> (/at) - Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.</player>

-/containertrust <player> (/ct) - Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.</player>

-/permissiontrust <player> (/pt) - Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.</player>

-/trustlist - Lists the permissions of all players for the claim you're standing in.

I hope this helps you with claiming! Please join our Discord and ask us if you have any problems with claiming.


about 1 month ago
How can you get enchantment books if most/all villagers are dead

There are a ton of unlooted villagers that I fly by on a daily basis with my Elytra. Just try Teleporting to the wilderness and get the farthest you can from 0,0 and then look for a village there, and it most likely won't be raided.